Quindicesimo Workshop "Dagli Oggetti agli Agenti"
Catania, 25-27 Settembre 2014


Giovedì 25 Settembre 2014

14.30WOA Registration
15.00WOA Opening
Session 1 - Trust and Recommendation
15.30Domenico Rosaci and Giuseppe M.L. Sarnè
 An Agent-based Architecture to Recommend Educational Video
16.00Alessandro Sapienza, Rino Falcone, Cristiano Castelfranchi
 Trust on Information Sources: A theoretical and computational approach
16.30Francesco Barile, Antonio Caso and Silvia Rossi
 Group Recommendation for Smart Applications: a Multi-agent View of the Problem
16.30Coffee break
Session 2 - Agent-based Applications for SmartCities
17.30Maria Nadia Postorino and Giuseppe M.L. Sarnè
 An Agent-based Sensor Grid to Monitor Urban Traffic
18.00Dario Di Nocera, Claudia Di Napoli and Silvia Rossi
 A Social-Aware Smart Parking Application
21.00Social Dinner

Venerdì 26 Settembre 2014

08.30Registration & Welcome Breakfast
Session 3 - Social Systems
10.30Federico Bergenti, Agostino Poggi and Michele Tomaiuolo
 Social Information Retrieval with Agents
11.00Federico Capuzzimati, Matteo Baldoni and Cristina Baroglio
 Social Relationships for Designing Agent Interaction in JADE
11.30Coffee break
Session 4 - Multi-Agent Systems
12.00Federico Bergenti, Giovanni Caire and Danilo Gotta
 Agents on the Move: JADE for Android Devices
12.30Stefano Mariani and Andrea Omicini
 TuCSoN Coordination for MAS Situatedness: Towards a Methodology
14.00Riunione Gruppo di Lavoro
Session 5 - Emerging Systems
14.30Marcin Wo┼║niak
 Positioning traffic in NoSQL database systems by the use of particle swarm algorithm
15.00Giancarlo Fortino, Ouarda Zedadra, Nicolas Jouandeau and Hamid Seridi
 A Decentralized Ant Colony Foraging Model Using Only Stigmergic Communication
15.30Christian Napoli, Giuseppe Pappalardo and Emiliano Tramontana
 An agent-driven semantical identifier using radial basis neural networks and reinforcement learning
16.00Coffee break
16.30Stefania Monica and Federico Bergenti
 A Stochastic Model of Self-Stabilizing Cellular Automata for Consensus Formation
Session 6 - BDI Agents
17.00Massimo Cossentino, Daniele Dalle Nogare, Raffaele Giancarlo, Carmelo Lodato, Salvatore Lopes, Patrizia Ribino, Luca Sabatucci and Valeria Seidita
 GIMT: A tool for ontology and goal modeling in BDI Multi-Agent Design
17.30Fabrizio Messina and Giuseppe Pappalardo and Corrado Santoro
 Designing Autonomous Robots using GOLEM
18.00Closing and WOA2015 Announcement